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Parag Khanna
Work july 21, 2012

Will The Co-Evolution Of Humans And Machines Change Our Lives?

PSFK chats with Parag and Ayesha Khanna to get their take on how the coming 'Hybrid Age' will develop and how we can avoid an all out battle between the two sides.

Sustainability february 4, 2011

How to Run The World: A Roadmap To Creating A Better World

Noted foreign relations expert and writer Parag Khanna on the crucial role creative professionals can play in making our world a better place.

Innovation january 5, 2011

A New World That Will Mimic The Middle Ages

Parag Khanna on a future world that will be reminiscent of past history.

Design & Architecture october 14, 2010

This Is The Century Of Cities, Not Nation States

Parag Khanna argues that urban centers are becoming the centers of governance on which the future world order could be built.

Luxury august 18, 2010

Cities As The Power Hub Of The 21st Century

While most international relations forecasters still frame their predictions of the future in terms of nations and states, foreign policy strategist Parag Khanna draws our attention to the increasing authority of megacities.


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