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Apple launches CareKit, an open-source framework for health apps (Gizmodo)
Innovation january 15, 2016

Toy-Inspired Glove Could Reduce Tremors from Parkinson's

This wearable dampens severe hand tremors with a spinning top

Work march 27, 2015

A Pen for People with Parkinson's Disease

Dopa Solutions' self-stabilizing pen can enable easier handwriting for the micrographia-aflicted

Arts & Culture december 10, 2014

Top Five Health Innovations Of The Week

This week’s health innovations include a suit that helps athletes detect injuries and a device that monitors chewing habits to improve eating behavior

Design & Architecture june 10, 2014

11-Year-Old Designs Unbreakable Cup For Parkinson's Sufferers

Three-legged Kangaroo Cup makes life easier for people with the degenerative disease.

Advertising july 9, 2013

Scrambled Ads Portray Difficulties Of Everyday Life With Parkinson’s [Pics]

Parkinsons UK mixes up simple tasks like tying a tie to show what life is like for someone suffering from the condition.

Mobile june 7, 2013

Music Note Identifier May Lead To Earlier Parkinson’s Diagnosis

New technology can identify the Baroque, Classical and Romantic periods after 'hearing' only three notes.

Technology may 13, 2013

HIV Drugs Delivered Using Electro-Magnetic Particles

Drugs will counteract the brain barrier in the body, and may be the answer to curing fatal diseases.

Partner Content september 15, 2012

PSFK Picks: Top 10 Health Innovations Of The Week

From sensors that can predict falls before they happen to bio-hackers advancing human evolution, we bring you the most innovative stories from the world of wellness research.

Work september 15, 2012

Smart Belt Monitors Balance To Prevent Falls By Elderly Patients

Motion sensors can now help detect anomalies in senior's walking behavior to warn of future risks.

Innovation august 12, 2010

Scientists Create Microchip From Human Brain Cells

A new technology will help researchers discover drugs for various neurological disorders.


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