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[Inspiration] Passport producer researching mobile documents
This app makes it easy to renew passport
Work february 12, 2015

Artist Travels the World on Intricately-Doodled Passports

An interview with the man who ‘tattoos’ travel documents

Innovation february 5, 2015

Lost Your Passport? You Can Now Take a Selfie to Replace It

A new passport card system in the EU promises to reduce both hassle and expense

Sustainability december 30, 2014

Best of 2014: Norway’s New Passport Design is a Thing of Beauty

Neue Design Studio's latest project takes inspiration from the country's iconic landscape

Mobile august 19, 2014

United Airlines Lets Travelers Scan Passport Using its App

Customers can scan their passports to check-in for international flights via their mobile devices

Travel september 5, 2013

Augmented Reality Passport Keeps Traveling Children Entertained

A multi-faceted app makes it easy to keep kids occupied and teach them new languages.

Technology march 31, 2013

PSFK’s Top Five Stories Of The Week

Actor naps in glass box, Rap adorns signs in NYC and Finnish passports have something extra. We bring you the best in art, branding and tech.

Luxury march 26, 2013

Finland’s New Passport Doubles As Flipbook [Video]

As an aesthetic security measure the new identity document has a walking moose on its pages.

Work march 7, 2013

Gucci’s Eco Leather Handbags Come With Info About Cow’s Life

The fashion brand is invested in stopping deforestation by using leather from cattle that was sustainably raised.

Arts & Culture december 20, 2012

Design School Values ‘Experience’ Over Classroom Learning

The University of North Texas design and communication programs encourage students to travel outside of the digital world.


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