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Patagonia’s “Earth Tax” Prompts Businesses to Pay Back the Planet

Patagonia Truck Has Been Traveling Across 50 States Mending Clothes

Patagonia’s Pickup Truck Tours Country on Apparel-Mending Mission

Patagonia Offers Repair Workshops To Salvage Damaged Products

Colorful Bikes Match Their Handlebars To Nail Polish Shades

Patagonia Enters The Craft Beer Market With Limited-Edition Brew

Why Good Design Is About Creating Community

Triple Pundit: Patagonia Creates An Interactive Story Of Its Supply Chain For Customers

Patagonia Now Legally Responsible For Positive Environmental Impact

Patagonia’s Black Friday Campaign Promotes Buying Less

Triple Pundit: Patagonia Asks Its Customers To ‘Buy Less,’ Boosts Customer Base

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