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Work august 29, 2014

3D-Printed Fashion Line Inspired by Tension Between Real and Virtual

Hard Copy by designer Noa Raviv uses computerized patterns of grids and lines

Design & Architecture november 22, 2013

Lenticular Pattern Creates Two Dresses Out Of One [Video]

Thanks to some ingenious pleating, designer Antoine Peters’ 'Lenticular Dress' changes patterns based on the viewer’s perspective.

Arts & Culture november 19, 2013

English Alphabet Written Entirely On Butterfly Wings

Naturalist and photographer Kjell Sandved found patterns resembling letters on the wings of moths and other insects.

Technology june 7, 2013

Music Note Identifier May Lead To Earlier Parkinson’s Diagnosis

New technology can identify the Baroque, Classical and Romantic periods after 'hearing' only three notes.

Technology december 26, 2012

How Patterns Grow And Consistency Kills Brands [Video]

Mark Shillum visualizes a brand as a pattern and says that maintaining relevancy through change is the most important strategy.

Home december 3, 2012

Hacked Pinball Machine Creates Random Printed Artworks [Pics]

Artist modifies the popular tabletop game to create chaotic patterns.

Innovation october 28, 2012

Creating Believable And Consistent Brands Through Repeating Patterns [PSFK CONFERENCE SF]

PSFK talks to designer Marc Shillum about how a brand must have multiple, smaller iterations of a single big idea in order to achieve relevancy in the digital age.

Work october 17, 2012

Waterfall Swing Makes Designs But Keeps Users Dry [Video]

A water installation for the World Maker Faire sends down a continuous stream that is timed to miss the swingers.

Arts & Culture september 27, 2012

Turntable Plays Pictures To Make Sound [Pics]

Weng Nam Yap designs an interactive installation that turns graphic images into audio.

Technology september 18, 2012

Building Windows Transformed Into Giant Analog Display [Video]

In the 'Animated Tower', staff and students from the University of Health Sciences in Switzerland opened and closed the windows and shutters to create various patterns.

Syndicated august 30, 2012

Pattern Pulp: Inspiration From The Design Capital Of The Year

A snippet of textile inspiration from travels in Helsinki.

Arts & Culture august 8, 2012

Intricate Necklaces Look Like Hand Drawn Tattoos [Pics]

Wearable art pieces that look like delicate airbrushed body art.

Work july 12, 2012

Hypnotic Experimental GIFs All Have One Thing In Common

A Tumblr of minimalist animated GIFs draws viewers in with the repetitive clockwise and counterclockwise movements of its animations.

Arts & Culture april 25, 2012

Magic Eye Patterns Made Of Mass Produced Objects [Pics]

Artist Herve Graumann assembles impressive compositions that look like they've been digitally created.


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