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3D-Printed Fashion Line Inspired by Tension Between Real and Virtual

Lenticular Pattern Creates Two Dresses Out Of One [Video]

English Alphabet Written Entirely On Butterfly Wings

Music Note Identifier May Lead To Earlier Parkinson’s Diagnosis

How Patterns Grow And Consistency Kills Brands [Video]

Hacked Pinball Machine Creates Random Printed Artworks [Pics]

Creating Believable And Consistent Brands Through Repeating Patterns [PSFK CONFERENCE SF]

Waterfall Swing Makes Designs But Keeps Users Dry [Video]

Turntable Plays Pictures To Make Sound [Pics]

Building Windows Transformed Into Giant Analog Display [Video]

Pattern Pulp: Inspiration From The Design Capital Of The Year

Intricate Necklaces Look Like Hand Drawn Tattoos [Pics]

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