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Retail february 17, 2016

Let Your Pebble Watch Strap Handle Your Contactless Payments

This device lets you leave your wallet and phone behind when you're out making purchases

Technology december 16, 2015

Pebble Finally Fashions Its Own Health Monitoring App

The company finally steps into health monitoring and is already working with developers to build new apps extending the offering

Op-Ed november 27, 2015

Art Prateepvanich & Hui Wang: Apple’s Female Appeal and the Road to a $1bn Business

Head of Product Marketing and a Modeling Engineer at Quantcast crunch the numbers on why the Apple Watch has a real chance at navigating beyond the Tech Valley

Design & Architecture february 24, 2015

Pebble’s Crowdfunded Smartwatch Raises $2 Million Within Minutes

The Pebble Time is poised to be one of the most successful (and rapidly funded) Kickstarter campaigns in history

Travel october 6, 2014

What to Pack for Your Next Big Trip

PSFK picks our favorite examples of the best gadgets to pack for your next travel plan

Innovation march 21, 2014

Delta Launches A Mentorship Program 35,000 Feet In The Air [Video]

New cabin class lets you innovate en-route to your next destination.

Technology february 5, 2014

Pebble Debuts A Smartwatch-Only App Store

The maker of the wearable device has just launched a one-stop shop for its users.

Design & Architecture january 8, 2014

Why Pebble's New Watch Is Dressy On The Inside And Out [CES 2014]

The popular smart device gets a surprising makeover.

Home december 26, 2013

PSFK's Gift Guide: Top Wearable Tech

These wearable gift ideas are the latest big idea in personal hardware, closing the gap between body and device.

Innovation december 17, 2013

Pebble Gives Smartwatches To 4,000 Science Students

What does a big batch of donated smartwatches mean for Pebble besides self-promotion?

Luxury july 5, 2013

12 Stories You Need To Know Today

Pebble smart watch sold out on Best Buy, China handing out death penalties to worst polluters and Apple hires YSL CEO.

Work january 24, 2013

10 Stories You Need To Know Today

AMC's Mad Men returns in April, Google reports huge revenue and the Pebble smartwatch begins to ship...links to start your day with.

The 25 Most Creative People In Tech
Advertising april 17, 2012

Customizable E-Paper Watch Displays All Your Smartphone Functions

Pebble is a highly flexible watch concept that works on both iOS and Android and has received overwhelming support on Kickstarter due to its wide variety of integration options for smartphones.


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