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Sidewalk Lights Warn Distracted Walkers Of Traffic

Fast And Slow Lanes Keep Foot Traffic Moving At This Mall

Street Sensors Turn Pedestrians’ Heartbeats Into Unique Pieces Of Music [Video]

Safety Tech Alerts Pedestrians To Oncoming Cars And Vice Versa [Video]

External Car Airbags Protect Cyclists And Pedestrians

Laser Beam Crosswalks Alert Drivers To Pedestrians

PSFK’s Top Five Stories Of The Week

Pedestrians Play ‘Pong’ With Each Other As They Wait To Cross The Road [Video]

‘Green Space’ Created By Pedestrians Walking Over Urban Poster

Parking Spaces Transformed Into Miniature Parks In San Francisco

Spiral Bridge Has Separate Paths For Bikes & Pedestrians [Pics]

Volvo Adds Airbags For Pedestrians

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