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Luxury april 26, 2013

Peel Back Night Light Looks Like Portal Into Another World [Pics]

Minimalist wall-mounted lamp is molded to look like a loose corner of wallpaper.

Arts & Culture march 20, 2012

World’s Smallest Car Gets Re-Released To Help Fight Global Traffic Congestion

Peel automobiles is restarting production to manufacture special limited editions of the P50 three-wheeled vehicle for car enthusiasts worldwide.

Technology march 7, 2011

Fruit-Shaped Device Helps Control TV With The iPhone

Peel has created an all-in-one TV, DVR and social media management system that allows users to channel surf, record and share from handheld devices.

Mobile january 27, 2011

An Interactive Peeling Clock

A uniquely designed clock concept syncs notifications into a device that "peels" off for a user to see.

Innovation october 2, 2009

(Event) OBEY x PEEL at the MBP Urban Arts Fest

This Saturday, in Brooklyn, PEEL Zine (authors of PEEL The Art of the Sticker) and Shepard Fairy will unveil an exclusive poster collaboration as part of the MBP Urban Arts Fest.


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