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Luxury july 18, 2016

Luxury Perfumes Double As Mosquito Repellent

The chic scents are designed to repel mosquitos, perfect for the summer amidst growing concerns of the Zika virus

Sustainability january 25, 2016

H&M Wants You To Be Head-to-Toe Sustainable with Organic Beauty Products

This often-criticized fast fashion brand goes sustainable in skincare

Home january 12, 2015

Colleges Issue Official Colognes For Unique Branding

College-branded scents may soon waft beyond personal hygiene

Arts & Culture september 12, 2013

Photo-Inspired Perfume Reimagines The Fragrance Design Cycle

Dutch fashion photographers Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin have turned a portrait into a perfume, creating a “scent in reverse.”

Work april 20, 2012

New York Boutique Helps You Find The Perfect Fragrance [Video]

Perfume shop MiN offers bespoke concierge consultations to help shoppers discover their signature scent.

Retail april 19, 2012

Perfumer Frederic Malle Publishes Fragrances Like They Were Books

'On Perfume Making' tells of the the legendary scent creators collaborations and describes the complexities of creating a new scent.

Gaming & Play march 23, 2012

Are British Beauty Brands Taking Over America? [Pics]

A look at which cosmetics brands have made it in the US and why they are growing in popularity.

Innovation march 14, 2012

On-Call Fragrance Butler Pampers Hotel Guests With Bespoke Scents

Rosewood hotel's North American and Saudi Arabian properties offer the exclusive 24-hour service and have fragrance menus tailored to each hotel.

Sustainability august 2, 2011

A Perfume Organic: Environmentally-Friendly Fragrances

New York-based company creates 100% organic perfumes, including signature scent 'Green.'

Arts & Culture july 6, 2011

Perfume Packaging Embodies Sustainable Brand Ethos

Innovative perfume packaging for a New Zealand-based brand wins at HBA’s International Package Design Awards.


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