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Advertising november 29, 2013

Tim Rodgers: The Adaptive Storefront Prototype [Video]

+rehabstudio brings The Future of Retail report to life with a creative vision for responsive shopping displays.

Technology february 21, 2013

Yahoo Aims To Offer A More Personal Web Experience

The site has announced a redesign with an infinite scroll of news articles, which can be customized based on your interests.

Culture february 7, 2013

Synchronized Porta-Potties Create Music When In Use [Video]

Created for Personal Fest, a music festival in Argentina, ordinary-looking toilets were ‘hacked’ to perform a tune together.

Mobile may 8, 2012

App Self-Destructs Sexts After Ten Seconds

New technology prevents intimate photos and messages from being shared with others without the permission of the sender.

Advertising november 10, 2011

JCPenney’s QR Code Gift Tags Carry Personal Voice Recorded Messages

The department store has upgraded the traditional gift and greeting card by letting shoppers recorded a personal messages to attach to their purchases using QR codes.

Culture october 14, 2011

New AT&T App Lets You Switch Between Work And Play

'Toggle' has two different modes, enabling you to keep your business life separate from your personal life.

august 29, 2011

Facebook Gives Users Right To Say No To Photo Tagging [Headlines]

Facebook is launching it's new feature to give you more privacy---the right to reject or accept a photo tag before it goes live.

Advertising august 25, 2011

China Is The Biggest Market For PCs [Headlines]

China has succeeded the United States as the biggest market for personal computers.

Advertising august 23, 2011

Springwise: Coffee So Custom You Can Even Name Your Blend

EightPointNine is a UK-based coffee service that will create a blend of coffee to suit your flavor preferences.

Advertising august 18, 2011

LinkedIn Users Unhappy With ‘Social Ads’ [Headlines]

LinkedIn recently introduced a new form of advertising where it places users' photos in product endorsement ads without their permission.

Cities august 16, 2011

Google Street View Taking Higher Security Measures After Criticism From ICO [Headlines]

After the controversy over how Google handled some of its Street View data, it has since taken improved security measures to protect your privacy.

Design august 15, 2011

Personal Computers Are Becoming Obsolete, Says IBM Designer [Headlines]

Just like the typewriter, vinyl records and rotary dial telephones phased out as new technology emerged, IBM designer Dr. Mark Dean says the personal computer will be joining them soon.

Advertising august 10, 2011

Tag Technology Matches Melody To Apparel’s Mood

Trying on clothes has its own soundtrack with RFID technology by Brazilian music branding company Gomus.

Advertising august 10, 2011

Gentleman’s Shopping Suite Cultivates Leisurely Approach

A gentleman's club hidden in the back of the Topman store in London creates a leisurely atmosphere for browsing and trying on clothes.


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