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Design march 6, 2014

What Gadgets Will We Take On Space Vacations?

Creative agency PostlerFerguson has conceived a series of objects for private galactic travel.

Culture november 20, 2013

Fabric Buildings Let Visitors Walk Through A 3D Blueprint [Pics]

Artist Do Ho Suh’s newest installation represents the last two places that he lived in a 1:1 replica, building one home inside of the other.

Design may 30, 2013

Cocoon Chair Provides Personal Space In Busy Locales [Pics]

Design studio TILT created pieces of enclosing furniture that create an oasis of quiet in densely populated workplaces.

Culture december 6, 2012

Pull-Down Ceiling Creates A Private Conversation Space [Pics]

Alexandra Georgescu has made it easier to create convertible rooms.

Cities may 6, 2011

frog design: All Up In My Grill: Personal (Digital) Space

There are many different personal Internet properties an individual can have: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and more. Like physical spaces, these digital spots can be personalized and customized. They reflect and embody identity.

Design december 22, 2009

The Advantages Of Personal Ventilation

New Scientist reports on a recent study which suggests that personal control of heating and cooling systems could lead to cutting building energy costs in half.


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