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Technology december 8, 2015

BBC Experiments With Personalized Videos That Adapt To Your Bias

Its Visual Perceptive Media research project aims to change different elements depending on the viewer

Work november 25, 2014

A Realistic Barbie-Like Doll Now for Sale

Lammily is a fashion doll with the proportions of an average 19-year old woman

Design & Architecture november 22, 2013

Lenticular Pattern Creates Two Dresses Out Of One [Video]

Thanks to some ingenious pleating, designer Antoine Peters’ 'Lenticular Dress' changes patterns based on the viewer’s perspective.

Advertising october 31, 2013

Hand-Held Frame Helps Students Capture Still-Life Perspective [Video]

A new measuring tool aims to instantly and simply improve a drawer’s technique.

Cities october 14, 2013

Life-Sized Picture Frames Revitalize Forgotten Spaces [Pics]

French street artists play with perspective in abandoned buildings.

Travel may 10, 2013

Famous Landmarks Made To Look Like Miniature Models [Pics]

Photographer captures destinations around the world from a unique perspective.

Cities april 30, 2013

Bottom Up View Of Hong Kong Shows Massive Urban Development [Pics]

Photos that show the city towering growth from a new perspective.

IoT march 29, 2013

Google Image Montage Demonstrates Essential Human Curiosity

Artist puts together search images in a way that makes viewers see them in a new light.

Gaming & Play february 11, 2013

Hong Kong's Cityscape Transformed Into A 2D Game [Pics]

Photographer Christian Åslund explores the urban jungle from an interesting and playful perspective.

Technology may 5, 2012

How Expanding What We Believe Is Possible Will Evolve Our Creativity [Need To Know]

Keith Yamashita explains why we often get 'stuck' when we're creating something- and how to get break free from it.

Work august 4, 2011

Ivan Argote 'Retouches' Mondrian Paintings

A Paris-based, Colombian artist goes to extreme lengths to change the way we look at traditional art.

Arts & Culture september 17, 2009

"Living Sculptures" Squeeze Human Performers into Unexpected Spaces

Willi Dorner has created a spontaneous series of happenings where his troupe interacts with their environments in curious and unexpected ways.

Technology july 7, 2009

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