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Sustainability march 28, 2012

Neon Shopping Baskets Create Larger Than Life Sculptures [Pics]

Choi Jeong Hwa's colorful pyramid structures "Air, Air" featured at the Perth International Arts Festival.

Arts & Culture march 7, 2011

Perth's Pop-Up Legal Practice

Part of the Perth International Arts Festival, the 'P.U.L.P.' event offered thirty-minute legal advice appointments to various writers, musicians, digital producers, web developers and entrepreneurs.

Technology november 23, 2010

Big Help Mob: Flash Mobs For A Cause

A venture of the non-for-profit Perth group Youth Tree, the group of one-hundred-strong volunteers get together to perform "superhuman acts of awesomeness for non-profits and communities."

Advertising september 17, 2010

KerbScrawl: Eco-Friendly Street Art Advertising

Counting Virgin, Visa and Barclays as past clients, the crew's 'ambient marketing' techniques offer an innovative way to bring messages to the masses.

Home june 9, 2010

Pogo: Remixing Real Life And Fantasy

The audiovisual artist best known for his rework of Alice In Wonderland has created a new piece.

Technology december 29, 2009

NearMap: High-Quality PhotoMapping Website Rivals GoogleMaps

Like GoogleMaps, NearMap offers a birds-eye view of searched locations, but instead of using satellite technology, the website utilises photomaps

Home april 21, 2009

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