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Cities march 14, 2016

Peru’s GoPro-Carrying Vultures Seek Out Illegal Garbage Dumps

In Lima, a new campaign is employing birds to solve the city's trash problem

Advertising november 24, 2015

In Peru, Plant Lamps Provide Light to a Small Jungle Village

A Peruvian engineering university created 10 lamps powered by photosynthesis to provide clean energy to a remote village

Technology may 8, 2015

Wi-Fi That Only Works in Shade Intends to Prevent Skin Cancer

Shadow Wi-Fi, installed on a beach in Peru, will deliver Wi-Fi access only to beach-goers out of the sun's rays

Cities may 5, 2014

Air-Purifying Billboard Absorbs The Pollution Around It

Eco-friendly signage in Peru generates more clean air than 1,200 trees.

Cities february 21, 2013

Billboard Makes Water From Air [Video]

Mayo DraftFCB created the generator, which gives residents of Lima in Peru clean drinking water.

Advertising july 29, 2011

Monocolumn: Peru Celebrates Inauguration Of Left-Leaning Government

A new president brings with him an air of optimism and change that many Peruvians are looking forward to.

Advertising june 22, 2011

Springwise: Community-Supported Coffee Links Farmers Directly With Customers

New business idea seeker highlights California-based cooperative CoffeeCSA's efforts to deliver organic, fair trade coffee on a global scale.

Culture october 1, 2010

Prada’s Localized Product Collection

Luxury brand looks to engage with quality, local products.

Culture june 21, 2010

Whitewashing To Grow A Glacier

An innovative geo-engineering project is underway at a Peruvian mountain to restore a lifeline for the local community.

Cities november 17, 2009

Peru’s Fog Water

One neighborhood in Lima, Peru has found an ingenious solution to their water shortage.

Cities november 17, 2009

Peru's Fog Water

One neighborhood in Lima, Peru has found an ingenious solution to their water shortage.


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