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Technology march 14, 2016

Peru’s GoPro-Carrying Vultures Seek Out Illegal Garbage Dumps

In Lima, a new campaign is employing birds to solve the city's trash problem

Arts & Culture november 24, 2015

In Peru, Plant Lamps Provide Light to a Small Jungle Village

A Peruvian engineering university created 10 lamps powered by photosynthesis to provide clean energy to a remote village

Technology may 8, 2015

Wi-Fi That Only Works in Shade Intends to Prevent Skin Cancer

Shadow Wi-Fi, installed on a beach in Peru, will deliver Wi-Fi access only to beach-goers out of the sun's rays

Innovation may 5, 2014

Air-Purifying Billboard Absorbs The Pollution Around It

Eco-friendly signage in Peru generates more clean air than 1,200 trees.

Design & Architecture february 21, 2013

Billboard Makes Water From Air [Video]

Mayo DraftFCB created the generator, which gives residents of Lima in Peru clean drinking water.

Work july 29, 2011

Monocolumn: Peru Celebrates Inauguration Of Left-Leaning Government

A new president brings with him an air of optimism and change that many Peruvians are looking forward to.

Innovation june 22, 2011

Springwise: Community-Supported Coffee Links Farmers Directly With Customers

New business idea seeker highlights California-based cooperative CoffeeCSA's efforts to deliver organic, fair trade coffee on a global scale.

Luxury october 1, 2010

Prada’s Localized Product Collection

Luxury brand looks to engage with quality, local products.

Home june 21, 2010

Whitewashing To Grow A Glacier

An innovative geo-engineering project is underway at a Peruvian mountain to restore a lifeline for the local community.

Cities november 17, 2009

Peru’s Fog Water

One neighborhood in Lima, Peru has found an ingenious solution to their water shortage.

Design & Architecture november 17, 2009

Peru's Fog Water

One neighborhood in Lima, Peru has found an ingenious solution to their water shortage.


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