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[News] Pet cloning is the most profitable business in South Korea
Technology july 6, 2016

Meet The Pet Robot You’ll Actually Care About

Anki's newest robot companion has expressive emotions and an unpredictability that makes it more pet than toy

Work july 24, 2013

Foldable Desk Expands When Items Are Placed Inside [Pics]

Mette Karina Johansen’s Pet desk is a writing table with a lid made of stretched leather, which expands and shrinks around what is stored inside.

Technology october 12, 2012

GPS Dog Collar

Tagg pet tracker can now also monitor when your pet sleeps, walks, and plays.

Retail january 18, 2012

Outdoor Storage Lockers Keep Dogs Safe While You Shop

Grocery store attracts pet-owners and deters dog thieves with this simple solution.

Arts & Culture august 24, 2011

Bored Of Goldfish? How About A Jellyfish Tank?

A Kickstarter project showcases the first affordable aquarium designed specifically for jellyfish.

Sustainability october 25, 2010

Sugar Helps Odwalla Get A Little Greener

The juice brand is switching to a "PlantBottle," where at least 96% of the bottle's material will come from a combination of sugar and molasses juice.

Sustainability july 14, 2010

Biorenewable Polymer Could Replace Synthetic Plastics

A plentiful organic material has been used to create a promising PET substitute.


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