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Arts & Culture august 25, 2016

Interactive Art Exhibition For Dogs Provides Endless Fun

Installations created by artist Dominic Wilcox are based on activities loved by canines, such as fetching tennis balls and splashing in water

Health august 18, 2016

Casper’s Newest Mattress Is Designed For Dogs

The sleep-focused startup has introduced a new product line for tired pups

Technology july 22, 2016

Virtually Care For Your Pets Even When You Are Away

Never leave your animals unattended at home with this camera and app combo that dispenses treats and play toys

Advertising may 13, 2016

This 3D-Printed Collar Helps You Communicate With Animals

We may be missing out on what our pets are trying to tell us—until now

Work march 21, 2016

How the Sharing Economy Is Growing Beyond Airbnb and Uber

From hammers to tents, the trend to borrow and rent out belongings is disrupting markets

IoT march 8, 2016

Volkswagen Works Out a Way to Get Dogs to Walk Themselves

A connected device concept will let your pooch go for a stroll, alone

Mobile february 23, 2016

While You Shop, Give Your Pup a Home Away From Home

Brooklyn startup hopes to spare dog owners from having to leave pups waiting outside

Technology february 11, 2016

This Pop-Up Diner Lets You Dine with Your Dog on Valentine’s Day

This London restaurant offers dog owners a unique chance to dine with their furry best friends

Home november 11, 2015

Could Mobile Ads Be the Key to Finding Lost Pets?

Pedigree releases Found app to help reunite wayward dog and cat owners with their missing loved ones

Home april 27, 2015

Pet Shop Swaps In Animals From Shelters to Shift Customer Preconceptions

Priceless Pets project in Brazil lets shops lend their displays to encourage more people to adopt shelter pets

Work january 7, 2015

3D Printing Innovations Are Good News For Animals, Too

Pets lives are being changed with some smart use of 3D-printed prosthetic limbs

Design & Architecture october 15, 2014

Lego-Like Dog Toy Features Modern Modular Design

The Odin is a puzzle toy that is functional, beautiful and can be joined together with others

Innovation october 14, 2014

Robotic Mouse Gives Indoor Cats a Workout

A start-up has unveiled a working prototype to give fat, lazy, and otherwise bored cats a bit of hunting action

Technology october 9, 2014

Tiny GPS Tracking Device Locates Lost Pets

Pod system syncs with smartphones, GPS to show pets' whereabouts


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