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Sustainability july 26, 2016

Wear These Recyclable Flip-Flops To Your Next Beach Outing

French designer Philippe Starck has created a line of footwear with fashion brand Ipanema that uses repurposed materials

Design & Architecture february 13, 2015

Transparent Faucet Lets You See Its Elegant Inner Workings

A faucet by famous designer Phillippe Starck reveals a fascination with the little-appreciated mixer

IoT april 18, 2014

Dave Pinter: Top Design Stories Of The Week

Microscopic organism inspired lights, deconstructed bathrooms, and a scented sofa resembling a park bench.

Home april 15, 2014

Open-Source Designs Could Turn You Into The Next Philippe Starck [Video]

A new furniture brand asks the customer to get involved.

Work april 11, 2014

Dave Pinter: Top Design Stories Of The Week

Standout stories from the 2014 Milan Design Week.

Gaming & Play april 10, 2014

A Ready-Made Library For Humanitarian Crisis Victims

Designer Philippe Starck creates Ideas Box, a simple and elegant solution to a current logistical nightmare.

Work november 18, 2013

Intuitive Thermostat Learns Its User’s Daily Routines To Regulate Temperature

Philippe Starck designs a smart and stylish central heating accessory

Cities november 15, 2013

Bike Sharing Program Swaps Pedal-Powered Designs For Hybrid Scooters

Designer Philippe Starck and Peugeot teamed up to design the bikes for Bordeaux’s transport sharing program.

Technology october 2, 2013

How Three Innovators Are Using Design To Spur An Eco-Conscious Revolution

Game-changing designers are creating products to generate awareness for the environmental cause.

Mobile june 17, 2013

Philippe Starck Sofa Lets People Plug In While Lounging

'My World' enables people to incorporate their mobile devices into their relaxing time through built-in, hidden power outlets and a Powermat.

Advertising june 9, 2013

Dave Pinter: Top Color Ideas In Design

At New York's Design Week this year, furniture pieces exhibited offer a color commentary.

Advertising april 22, 2013

Philippe Stark Uses Family As Inspiration For Minimalist Furniture Line [Video]

The French product designer launches the Aunts and Uncles Collection for Kartell at the Salon del Mobile 2013 in Milan.

philippe starck: whimsical chapeau light for flos
Mobile april 19, 2013

Lighting Collection Swaps Out Lampshades For Hats

Philippe Starck's creation for Flos gives headwear a new functional purpose.


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