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Travel november 28, 2016

Google Earth Phone Case Shows Live Travel Images

A new case changes the Pixel's wallpaper each day using the images and trends they cultivate

Sustainability november 18, 2016

This App Is Helping Curb Air Pollution In India

Hawa Badlo lets citizens report air contamination incidents to better improve the quality of their communities

Entertainment november 18, 2016

This App Lets You Use Your Phone As A Drum Kit

Freedrum is an app that uses a pair of sensors attached to drumsticks to let musicians practice anytime, anywhere

Design november 16, 2016

Synthetic Fingertip Gloves Help People Use Their Phones

Special stickers are able to replicate a human fingertip so that users can make any glove compatible with their devices

Fashion november 15, 2016

Hybrid Sunglasses Can Vibrate Music Through Your Skull

Zungle has designed a pair of stylish eyewear that uses bone conduction to play music

Design & Architecture november 10, 2016

These Phone Accessories Will Make Your Life Easier

Say goodbye to tangled USB cables with Olka's sleek mobile wall plug and cable storage devices

Technology november 9, 2016

This Bendable Phone Is Actually A Musical Instrument

Bend this device any way you like to modulate sound and pitch

Media & Publishing october 28, 2016

The NBA Is Filming Live Games With A Special Camera Just For Your Phone

Subscribers to League Pass can now access a feature called Mobile View, which is shot to be optimized for phones and tablets

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[Stat] 92% of Chinese consumers use their phone to shop online
Retail october 11, 2016

How Google Is Testing The Waters Of Consumer Retail

The tech company is launching a massive ad campaign and opening a pop-up shop to drive direct sales of its new Pixel phone and other home devices


[News] Google’s pop-ups hint at a larger brick-and-mortar strategy
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