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[News] Google to launch Pixel phones on 10/4, competing with Apple and Samsung
Design september 12, 2016

This Device Turns Phones Into Portable 3D Printers

A digital factory looks to make the printing process more accessible with a mobile-friendly box concept

Asia june 27, 2016

Charge Your Smartphone With A KFC Meal Box

The fast food chain is rolling out a new campaign that features power for your devices along with your meal

[News] Sony plans to compete with Amazon Echo by launching a new voice assistant
[Stat] Phones and tablets account for 30% of internet use in North America
Automotive june 14, 2016

Control Your Phone Without Needing To Look At It

The team behind O6 created a gadget that clips to a steering wheel and allows users to control functions without needing to look

Fitness / Sport june 13, 2016

Samsung’s Latest Wearable Lets You Leave Your Smartphone Behind

This lightweight workout device includes a fitness tracker and music player

Design june 2, 2016

Is Gesture Control The Future Of Phone-Based VR Systems?

A new direction for how we engage with virtual reality content on our devices

Design may 20, 2016

The Only Way To Turn On This Lamp Is By Turning Off Your Phone

Tranquillo offers an interruption-free mode by turning on when users put their phones down

Average mobile users unlock their phones 80 times a day (Techpinions)
Technology april 5, 2016

Google Fiber’s Landline Complements High-Speed Broadband Service

Cloud-connected phone includes unlimited calling and voice transcription

Design march 18, 2016

A Pillow Designed to Keep Your Phone Cozy

Kick back and place your phone on this cushion designed to support your device

Cities march 2, 2016

See the World Through a Periscope for Walking and Texting

May this phone-prism save us from the smog of information overload

Automotive february 25, 2016

What If Your Car Infotainment Was Just Your Phone?

An app easily brings digital infotainment features to owners of older vehicles


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