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Technology august 12, 2013

Microsoft Phone Knows When To Not Disturb

Using environmental sensors, the device could stop users from being called or texted at inappropriate times.

Gaming & Play february 27, 2013

Nokia Phone Lasts A Month On A Single Charge

The Nokia 105 costs $20 and features a 1.45" bright color screen.

Home february 20, 2013

HTC Unveils Its New One Smartphone

The company's latest generation phone features an aluminum frame with a large touchscreen, front-facing speakers and UltraPixel camera.

Technology january 10, 2013

Futuristic Home Phone Features Surround Sound

With a dual launch at CES and on Kickstarter, this phone features a 360 degree speaker and looks like a flashlight.

Luxury october 28, 2011

Product Designer Discusses How To Make A Luxury Phone

The design director of premium mobile phone brand Vertu talks about the importance of detail and functionality.


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