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Design & Architecture january 14, 2014

Portraits Of Women’s Bedrooms Offer A Different Kind Of Voyeurism [Pics]

A photo arrangement that highlights individuality and diversity.

Home may 22, 2013

Self-Portrait Photographer Imagines Herself 30 Years Older [Pics]

In her latest series 'I Used To Be You', Kyoko Hamada captures the future version of herself, named Kikuchiyo-san.

Arts & Culture may 16, 2013

Flaming Junk Food Highlights Americans’ Unhealthy Obsession [Pics]

Photographer Henry Hargreaves’ latest series features a burger, pizza, donut and other tasty snacks set on fire.

Travel april 24, 2013

Photographer Inserts Herself Into Historic Moments [Pics]

Flora Borsi places herself into old photos for the 'Time Travel' series, which sees her snapping pics of famous people with a contemporary camera.

Work april 10, 2013

Photobomb Series Captures A Mashup Of Daily News And Everyday People [Pics]

An anonymous photographer has captured a series of pictures showing fellow commuters mixed with funny or famous faces.

Arts & Culture march 14, 2013

Children Around The World Pose With Their Favorite Toys [Pics]

Gabriele Galimberti's photo series 'Toy Stories' features global children posing with their action figures, cars, trucks, dinosaurs, and other objects.

Work march 7, 2013

Folklore Characters Recreated With Elderly Subjects [Pics]

'Eyes as Big as Plates' is an ongoing project by Riitta Ikonen and Karoline Hjorth to envision mythic beasts and faeries.

Design & Architecture march 4, 2013

Photo Series Shows Classic Food Combinations As Pantone Colors [Pics]

Design creative David Schwen has created an Instagram art project that pairs foods like bacon and eggs or milk and cookies.

Arts & Culture december 14, 2012

Portrait Series Finds Unrelated People Who Look Identical [Pics]

Photographer Francois Brunelle has captured black and white portraits of real life doppelgangers.

Technology december 11, 2012

What If Photoshopping Could Fix Real Life Blemishes [Pics]

Flora Borsi's photo series looks at how faces could be altered if we applied the application's tools in our daily lives.

Retail december 10, 2012

Portraits Of Chinese Factory Workers And The Toys They Make [Pics]

In stark contrast to the bright toys they produce, photos by Michael Wolf give a face to those who make them.

Arts & Culture december 6, 2012

Photographer Captures Portraits Of Hiding Celebrities [Pics]

Chris Buck's series 'Presence' features famous people hiding somewhere in the frame so they can't be seen in the pictures.

Arts & Culture december 6, 2012

Portraits Of Teddy Bears Loved To Bits By Their Owners [Pics]

Photographer Mark Nixon has captured the essence of these much loved toys.

Technology october 19, 2012

Portrait Series Combines Dogs With Their Owners [Pics]

Photographer Sebastian Magnani plays off the idea that dog owners often look like their dogs by taking pictures of both and merging them.


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