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Diet Coke, Marc Jacobs collaborate on Photo Booths, Photos Posted to Online Gallery
Technology february 22, 2013

iPad GIF Photobooth Can Be Set Up Anywhere

Phhhoto takes pictures at parties and uploads them to a web feed where they can be viewed from any device using a tablet and a light ring.

IoT january 29, 2013

Party Photobooth Shares Pictures On Google+ In Real-Time

Grand St.'s 'Party Hacking' project enabled guests to instantly share photos and view a live stream on screens.

Design & Architecture november 9, 2011

Face Detection Photobooth Snaps Pictures Of Manwolfs

Built in openFrameworks, a webcam tracks your position and a camera is triggered when you match the desired expression.

Advertising october 6, 2011

Using Photo Techniques Of Yesteryear In Today’s Modern Age

Michael Shindler employs old-school tintype photography to create one-of-a-kind portraits.

Work march 31, 2011

Manchester Exhibit Transforms Mundane Office Machinery [Video]

The administrative machines of daily life provide inspiration for playful interactive exhibits.

Technology september 25, 2009

Inflatable, Portable Digital Photo Booth

Two photographers from Melbourne, Australia have developed what is touted as "the world's first fully portable, high-resolution, digital, architecturally designed, part inflatable photo booth".


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