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Design & Architecture february 10, 2014

Parisian Ads Swapped Out For Classical Masterpieces [Pics]

Guerilla street art brings a bit of high culture to busy city streets.

Work december 3, 2013

GIF Portraits Turn Still Shots Into Puzzling Images [Pics]

A new project presents street photography as you’ve never seen it before.

Technology october 2, 2013

Google Glass App Suggests Paint Colors Based On Photos [Video]

Developed by Sherwin Williams, the ColorSnap Glass app lets users take a picture of anything for design inspiration.

Arts & Culture july 29, 2013

Rubber Stamp Turns Old Photographs Into Postcards

Stampede prints a typical postcard template onto the back of photos, including the postage stamp area and address lines.

Arts & Culture may 2, 2013

Photos Taken From Kites Capture Landscape At New Angles [Pics]

This collection of spectacular bird’s eye view shots were taken by suspending a camera from the flying device.

Technology april 26, 2013

Nike Helps People Share Photos Of Their Workout

FuelBand users can now take snaps while they're on their run in the park and share them with friends on Facebook.

Home march 19, 2013

Add Favorite Fonts To Instagram Photos

'Photolettering' is a new app by House Industries that lets you apply text to your pictures for a fee.

Arts & Culture march 14, 2013

Children Around The World Pose With Their Favorite Toys [Pics]

Gabriele Galimberti's photo series 'Toy Stories' features global children posing with their action figures, cars, trucks, dinosaurs, and other objects.

Design & Architecture march 12, 2013

Karl Lagerfeld Partnership Showcases 85 Years Of Furniture Design

To celebrate the company’s anniversary, Cassina asked the designer to photograph their collection.

Mobile march 5, 2013

A Rare Glimpse Of North Korea Through Instagram Photos [Pics]

Photographer David Guttenfelder has been taking geolocated pictures in the country, giving us a better idea of life and culture there.

march 1, 2013

What A 200 Calorie Meal Looks Like [Pics]

WiseGeek has created a gallery of fruit, vegetables, sweets, cakes, and drinks, to show the varying portion sizes.

Technology february 22, 2013

iPad GIF Photobooth Can Be Set Up Anywhere

Phhhoto takes pictures at parties and uploads them to a web feed where they can be viewed from any device using a tablet and a light ring.

Technology february 11, 2013

Custom Software Will Produce Every Possible Digital Photograph

Jeff Thompson's project explores the notion of infinity by slightly changing the pixels of an image.

Arts & Culture february 8, 2013

Karen Walker Enlists Stylish Seniors To Model Sunglasses [Pics]

The New Zealand-based designer partners with popular blog Advanced Style to show style is ageless.


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