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Technology april 25, 2016

Charge Your Phone With This Potted Plant

Using the natural system of photosynthesis, a novel way to channel electricity

Work march 12, 2014

Solar Panel Desk Is Its Own Energy Source [Video]

Colored cells mimic photosynthesis to make the most of diffused light.

IoT march 6, 2014

Moss-Powered Radio Uses Plants Like Solar Panels [Pics]

Researchers converted charged electrons into electricity to power gadgets.

Sustainability august 20, 2013

Algae Dino Pet Doubles As A Night Light [Pics]

The interactive toy photosynthesizes during the day and glows at night, aiming to present biology in a fun way and teach kids about nature.

Arts & Culture august 14, 2013

Futuristic Algae-Filled Suit Feeds Off Wearer’s Breath [Video]

Bionic suit uses algae's photosynthesis to keep people alive.

Gaming & Play september 11, 2012

11 Stories You Need To Know Today

Facebook tracking, the end of film, mobile gaming, and photosynthesis in humans ...Links to start your day with.

Home october 3, 2011

Artificial Leaf Produces Electricity From Water

Scientists from MIT have created a small device that mimics a leaf to convert water into stored energy.

Arts & Culture september 30, 2011

Photosynthesis Used To Embed Images In Leaves [Pics]

Vietnamese artist Binh Danh records photos onto plants using a chlorophyll printing process.

Retail june 15, 2011

Digital Dawn: An Interactive Luminescent Window

Rachel Wingfield designs a lumiscent window blind that emulates photosynthesis and interacts with external stimuli.

Home march 29, 2011

MIT Scientists Successfully Mimic Photosynthesis

Researchers have been able to unlock one of nature's biggest secrets for producing renewable energy.

Technology march 9, 2010

Artificial Photosynthesis: A New Way To Power Your Home?

Sun Catalytix has announced that it is aiming to generate electricity by developing a process called artificial photosynthesis.


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