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Wind And Solar Power Generator Reduces From 80% To 100% The Energy Bill
Home march 6, 2014

Colorful Solar Cells May Lead To Energy-Harvesting Home Decor

A group of researchers rethinks the stained glass window for an energy-conscious future.

Technology october 14, 2013

University Sidewalks Generate Energy From Scorching Sunlight [Pics]

The team at a Washington, D.C University have created the world’s first walkable solar panel pathway.

Sustainability june 25, 2013

Solar Panel Map Highlights Most Suitable City Rooftops [Pics]

MIT project Mapdwell shows the potential of installing solar panels on every rooftop in the city.

Technology may 9, 2013

Produce Simple Solar Cells In The Microwave

University of Utah metallurgists were able to create solar cell material using cheap and less toxic materials.

Retail september 4, 2012

PUMA Opens Its First Self-Sufficient, Sustainable Store

The sports brand opens a solar-powered shop made from recycled and upcycled materials in Bangalore.

Luxury june 7, 2012

Solar Resort Pods Will Let Visitors Float In Luxury [Pics]

Michele Puzzolante's concept design is part yacht and part submarine, with a self-sufficient energy generator.

Work september 29, 2011

Shedding Light On Solar Panel Myths

One Block Off The Grid is a solar power advocate and information website debunking solar energy myths.


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