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Technology september 8, 2013

How Digitizing The Toy Box Is Changing The Way We Play [Future Of Entertainment]

In the ninth week of our ten week series with IQ by Intel, we explore the toys and technologies driving new forms of play.

Work may 24, 2013

Stereo Is Controlled By Phone Movement [Video]

By sliding a phone right or left music will start and stop.

Gaming & Play january 13, 2013

Learning By Doing - A Future Of Work Trend

A collaborative, startup mentality is being adopted by workers and organizations that allows for new ways to learn.

IoT january 3, 2013

Microsoft Sends Hugs Over The Internet With An Interactive Pillow

The tech company has been busy developing technologies that bring physical interaction to digital communication.

Home december 27, 2012

One Day...Our Physical And Virtual Identity Will Blend

James Tichenor and Josh Walton of Rockwell Group Labs imagine a day when physical and digital become one.

Cities december 24, 2012

Living At The Intersection Between Physical And Digital [Video]

Josh Walton discusses how the designs at Rockwell Group are about finding and exploring the blur between physical and digital.

Advertising november 1, 2011

Tech Co. Marries Movement And Digital Capture For A Virtual Dodgeball Game

PSFK spoke about the Future Of Gaming with the co-founder of The Supertouch Group Sam Ewen, a company bridging the virtual/physical divide utilizing Kinect technology for virtual games played in real life.

Cities october 7, 2010

Hand Cut Paper Maps

Artist Karen O'Leary has created a remarkable series of city maps from around the world.

Luxury october 4, 2010

A 100 Year Diary

"My Life Story" is an interesting concept that's designed to let you document your life from birth to death.

Technology august 12, 2010

Blogging Back In Time

The growing practice of "Paleoblogging" offers a refreshing alternative to typical digital content.

Advertising june 23, 2010

The Three Types Of Sharing

Russell Davies, explains different modes of sharing and how the Internet fits in.

Design & Architecture june 14, 2010

Real Typewriter Controls The iPad

A retro-style USB keyboard acts as a more physical input device for computers.

Design & Architecture may 25, 2010

(Pic) Concrete USB Memory Stick

A computer peripheral encased in concrete brings physical weight to data.

Technology november 9, 2009

Presence In Absence: Digital Heirloom Anchors Digital Communications

Noting the growing number of long distance relationships and the primarily digital communications channels that sustain them, Irish designer Colm Keller has created a digital heirloom set which can act as a beautiful physical anchor for sharing experience.


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