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Arts & Culture december 16, 2015

Paint Surreal Apparitions Using Only the Power of Words

What creative possibilities could be opened up by thinking verbally—and then feeding that thinking to an AI system?

Arts & Culture november 6, 2013

11 Stories You Need To Know Today

Good vibes are in the air as Google launches Helpouts and Toms plans a charitable marketplace.

Arts & Culture october 1, 2013

Art History Desserts Replicate Modern Masterpieces [Pics]

NYC photographer replicates Rothko, Koons, and Mondrian using ice cream, Jell-O, and other sweets.

Arts & Culture july 20, 2011

A Famous Picasso's Journey To Palestine May Be More Significant Than The Art Itself

A small arts academy in the West Bank overcomes logistical challenges to bring a masterpiece to its community.

Work june 23, 2011

Picasso Masterpiece Sold At Auction To Fund Medical Research [Headlines]

An anonymous donor gave 'Jeune fille endormie' to the University of Sydney on the condition that it be sold to support science.

Design & Architecture april 6, 2011

Amnesty International's 50 Years Of Poster Design [Pics]

Amnesty has long protected human rights globally; here are 15 visually striking designs dating back to the 60's.

Technology april 16, 2010

Tate Museum Offers Virtual Momentos

The Tate Liverpool Museum is offering a digital social object to promote their latest exhibition.

Advertising may 1, 2009

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