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Technology december 7, 2015

This Book Is a Pinhole Camera

A pop-up book by Kelli Anderson opens up into a cardboard cam, created with the support of Adobe Creative Residency

Design & Architecture november 11, 2013

Mailable Pinhole Camera Fills The Void Left By Social Media [Pics]

Pinpal is a mailer that can be sent to friends and family, and unfolds into a camera that takes a polaroid picture.

Technology june 10, 2013

Handmade Pinhole Camera Updates Age-Old Design

Camera includes watch mechanisms to produce soft, atmospheric pictures.

Work april 23, 2012

Dumpsters Transformed Into Giant Pinhole Cameras

Creative trash collectors in Germany combined their love of photography with work tools to capture stunning portraits.

Home march 16, 2012

Pinhole Camera Hack Projects Outside World On To Apartment Walls

The '' experimental movie project transforms rooms into screens for the outside world.

Advertising april 20, 2011

LEGO Pinhole Camera [Pic]

A Russian designer creates a working image capture device out of the toy building bricks.


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