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Arts & Culture december 3, 2013

Publisher Promotes Book Inside Pirated Video Subtitles

To promote a novel on the “Homeland” series, a book publisher teamed up with the group that provides Polish subtitles to the pirated copies of the show.

Work may 14, 2013

New Legoland Hotel Has Built-In Treasure Hunt [Pics]

Designed around three themes (Pirate, Adventure and Kingdom), each room has a treasure chest to unlock.

Work january 3, 2013

Pirated Zaha Hadid Building Design Pops Up In China [Pics]

A firm plans to replicate the architect's current project, the Wangjing SOHO, in another part of China.

Syndicated june 6, 2012

Ed Cotton: Captain Morgan’s Search For Branded Content Treasure

The rum brand strikes gold in deciding to fund a real life Indiana Jones on a dive for their namesake's pirate trove.

september 20, 2011

Pirate Party Snatches Seats In Berlin State Election [Headlines]

Censorship, data protection, and filesharing-centric campaign wins 8.5% of the vote.

Home april 26, 2011

Interactive Pirate Ship Bedroom [Pics]

Designer Steve Kuhl encourages fitness, fun and exploration with his imaginative creation.

Technology april 14, 2011

Garry’s Mod Turns The Game Against The Pirates

For all the serious cash poured into preventing software piracy through security programs and increasingly complicated DRM, sometimes the simplest methods can be the most effective.

Innovation april 22, 2009

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