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Arts & Culture october 12, 2016

Exploding Star Recreated For Artist Exhibition Using Colorful Pixels

The work by Mark Barrow and Sarah Parke uses images of a 20,000 year-old celestial explosion taken by the Hubble Telescope

Work august 29, 2014

Neil Patrick Harris Will Announce Winner of LG Art of the Pixel Competition

Students were challenged to create still and motion digital artworks that incorporated technology

Technology september 4, 2013

Tapestries Based On Binary Code Display Invisible Internet Activity [Pics]

Lost data is given a second chance at life as interesting pieces of art.

Cities august 5, 2013

Highly Detailed Panorama Captures An Ever-Moving Tokyo [Video]

Taken from 20 stories up this photo details all of the buildings in the city.

Design & Architecture march 28, 2013

Sequins Create Pixelated Retail Displays That Sparkle

SparkleMasters is a company that uses sequins to create intricate, pixelated imagery for advertising.

Technology february 11, 2013

Custom Software Will Produce Every Possible Digital Photograph

Jeff Thompson's project explores the notion of infinity by slightly changing the pixels of an image.

Work november 6, 2012

Glasses Turn Book Pages

Fraunhofer and its partners have developed a new technology allowing surgeons, automotive technicians, or anyone to have completely hands-free document navigation.

Design & Architecture september 18, 2012

Building Windows Transformed Into Giant Analog Display [Video]

In the 'Animated Tower', staff and students from the University of Health Sciences in Switzerland opened and closed the windows and shutters to create various patterns.

Innovation may 16, 2012

Photographs Depict Iconic Video Games In The Real World

Artist Patrick Runte imagines what it would look like if Tetris blocks and other icons were anthropomorphized into the real world

Technology may 18, 2011

Converse All Star Pixels [Video]

Creative agency Perfect Fools create an installation made up of 480 individually powered sneakers.

Innovation february 11, 2011

The Images We Carry: Why The Brain Prefers Certain Visual Data

Our intuitive process of storing mental images resides outside our control, and perhaps with good reason.

Work june 18, 2010

(Pics) Pixelated Sculptures: Making 2D 3D

Shawn Smith explores the role of pixels in the identity of objects with his creations.

Cities april 8, 2010

(Video) New York: Pixelated

In Patrick Jean's latest short film, the City of New York is transformed into a pixelated nightmare, worthy of Atari and Nintendo fans everywhere


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