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[Insight] Why the Concorde failed and what that says about innovation
Alaska Air Buys Virgin America for $2.6 Billion (Skift)
Travel march 4, 2014

How A Nineteen-Year-Old Redesigned The Domestic Airline System

Matt Voska created Flytenow which offers a low cost and eco-friendly way to travel in New England.

Innovation july 26, 2013

GE Crowdsources The Design Of Sophisticated Airplane Parts [Pics]

Leading innovation company look to the maker community for 3D-printed schematics.

Travel december 12, 2012

Oxygen-Powered Jet Travels The World In 4 Hours

Hypersonic air travel isn't just a thing of the future.

Home december 11, 2012

Airline's First Class Cabin Looks Like A Cozy Apartment [Pics]

Brazilian carrier TAM prioritized comfort in its latest redesign with upholstered sofas and wardrobes.

Innovation september 6, 2012

Boeing's VIP Jet Now Equipped With 'Mini-Hotel' For 8 Guests [Gallery]

Traveling with friends just got more luxurious with the new Aeroloft, which adds nearly 400 square feet of sleeping space to the plane.

Arts & Culture march 9, 2012

Airline Passengers Given iPads To Stream In-Flight Entertainment

An innovative initiative by Australian airway Qantas to trial out tablet devices.

Advertising march 1, 2012

Virgin's Luxury First Class Features Whispering Flight Attendants

The trans-Atlantic airline is launching a new and improved Upper Class Suite, complete with a crew that's easy on the ears.

Design & Architecture february 22, 2012

Digital Binocular Display Aiport Information As A Digital Overlay

Real-time data on planes are collected from the control tower and instantly shown in the viewfinder.

Mobile september 28, 2010

iPhone App Uses Camera To Identify Airplane Flight Paths

The Plane Finder augmented reality application allows users to discover the story behind aircraft they see in the sky.

Design & Architecture july 14, 2010

UK Ministry of Defense Unveils Unmanned Aircraft

Due for air trial in 2011, this vehicle demonstrates the latest in aircraft innovation and design.

Travel march 16, 2009

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