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Sustainability november 22, 2016

Self-Watering Flowerpot Keeps Plants Hydrated For 28 Days

The Natural Balance ceramic pot makes it easy for busy workers or frequent travelers to keep their plants healthy

Technology november 26, 2014

Atmospheric Water Keeps Plants Healthy with New Technology

Peon uses atmospheric water vapor to water plants automatically

[Insight] Driven by demand, brands explore plant-based alternatives to meat and dairy
MyFarm.Com Is A Farmville That Actually Grows Food On a Real Farm
Better Than Receiving Flowers, Is Receiving A Be An Emotion
Mobile march 31, 2014

MIT Grads Create A Personal Farm For Your Kitchen

Former frat boys aim to put automated organic farming directly into households to cut environmental and financial costs,

Advertising may 31, 2013

Photosynthesis Camera Informs Gardeners If Their Plants Are Healthy

Simple technology help everyone have a green thumb.

Design & Architecture may 17, 2013

Balancing Vase Automatically Tips Over When Plants Are Thirsty

New design alerts owner when it’s time to water their greenery.

Innovation december 12, 2012

PSFK Gift Of The Day: Flower Pot Mini Grill [Pics]

Clever product encourages people to eat what they grow.

Technology august 9, 2012

High-Tech Flower Pot Automatically Waters & Fertilizers The Plant [Video]

The Click & Grow allows urban dwellers to maintain an indoor garden with minimum effort.

Arts & Culture august 8, 2012

Touch-Sensitive Plant Lamps Control Lighting And Ambience [Video]

German designer creates an interactive flower vase that responds to touch.

Arts & Culture june 12, 2012

Grow An Herb Garden In A Hidden Kitchen Drawer [Pics]

A discrete hydroponic structure is able to hold up to 24 pot plants with built-in LED lights.

Technology june 4, 2012

Rotating Indoor Garden Inspired By A NASA Design

The indoor garden conserves energy and space while providing a large output.

Arts & Culture june 1, 2012

Grow A Chair From Climbing Vines [Pics]

Designer creates living furniture by shaping vines around a metal frame.


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