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Technology july 19, 2016

Open-Source Farming Machine Plants And Waters Seeds

The FarmBot makes it possible to digitally design and set up a garden from almost anywhere

Home june 10, 2016

Watch Your Plants Float And Spin With These Levitating Pots

Make sure your plants get the right amount of sunlight with zero-gravity growing system

Advertising june 6, 2016

Microsoft Wants To Help You Talk To Plants

Translate your messages into plant speak, and the plants respond back

Design & Architecture may 16, 2016

Popup Greenhouse Explores Nature Intersecting Design

Nearly 60 designers partnered with plants to create original micro-habitats

Design & Architecture march 31, 2016

Terrarium Doubles As a Lamp Where Plants Can Thrive Without Water

Design team created an ecosystem in which plants can grow for indefinite amount of time

Work march 23, 2016

Hack Your Houseplants With Coded Light and Water Sensors sensors monitor plants and send alerts when they need care

Cities march 15, 2016

Grow Life After Life with This Smart Urn

App-enabled planter will help a loved one's remains grow into a tree

Home november 6, 2015

Indoor Urban Gardening, with One Game-Changing Twist

Edn has added one innovative and useful component to its tech-enhanced plant incubator by making the structure a shelf

Arts & Culture october 7, 2014

Sex Toys for Plants that Promote Reproduction

A design team creates toys that reveal rather familiar, intimate needs of popular plants

Work september 16, 2014

Glasshouse Lamp Sprouting Fresh Herbs for the Kitchen

Sklenik or The Glasshouse features plants in a functional and aesthetically pleasing way

Innovation september 15, 2014

Endangered Plant Species on Display in Capsule Series

Sanctuaria by designer Morgan Ruben aims to preserve pieces of nature

Design & Architecture may 16, 2014

Used Water Bottles Become Vegetable Gardens With Special Seed Caps

Petomato saves plastic waste from the landfill by transforming trash into planters.

Design & Architecture april 14, 2014

Terracotta Pots Show You Where Plants Need Love And Care [Pics]

The Phytophiler has attached mirrors in creative ways, alerting the plants' owners to possible ways to care for and appreciate them.

Sustainability february 11, 2014

Micro-Algae Factories Could Be A Food And Energy Source For The Home

What looks like a household bauble accessory actually satisfies some of homeowners daily needs.


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