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Sustainability august 16, 2016

Personal Care Startup Ditches Plastic Bottles Entirely

Ethique offers shampoo and conditioner in soap-like bars that dissolve as you use them

Technology july 26, 2016

3D-Printing Pen Uses Plastic Bottles And Bags As Ink Cartridges

The Renegade lets you create art by converting garbage into building materials

Travel july 26, 2016

Travel Bags Made From Recycled Plastic Bottles

Pieces from the Hamilton Perkins Collection will save water and reduce carbon emission

Arts & Culture june 26, 2014

Discarded Plastic Bottles Turned Into Super Strength Rope

A YouTube user uploaded a video showing a new way of recycling the empty containers.

Home june 13, 2014

Reclaimed Soda Bottles Transformed Into Durable Roofing

Plastic thatching creates local jobs and helps tackle mountains of waste.

Design & Architecture may 16, 2014

Used Water Bottles Become Vegetable Gardens With Special Seed Caps

Petomato saves plastic waste from the landfill by transforming trash into planters.

Home september 13, 2013

Vending Machine Exchanges Plastic Bottles For T-Shirts

During New York Fashion Week, Plastics Make it Possible partnered with designer Allison Parris to dispense clothes made of recycled material.

Cities june 12, 2013

Plastic Bottle Cloud Represents One Hour Of Trash In NYC [Pics]

Designed by STUDIOKCA, a pavilion made from over 53,000 recycled bottles was constructed on Governors Island as part of Figment NYC.

Design & Architecture february 12, 2013

Houses In Bolivia Made From Recycled Plastic Bottles [Video]

Al Jazeera's 'Garbage Homes' looks at one woman's mission to provide housing to people living below the poverty line.

Sustainability november 20, 2012

World Cup 2014 Stadium Seats WIll Be Made Of Coke Bottles

Coca-Cola has launched a recycling campaign to collect bottles to be used in the seat linings for the football event in Brazil.

Sustainability october 18, 2012

Levi’s Water-Less Jeans

The Waste Less denim products contain a minimum of 20% post-consumer recycled content, and represent the next chapter in the company's sustainable design initiative.

Technology october 15, 2012

Inspirational Vending Machine Sells Quotations

Alice Wang's concept 'Quote Vendor' assembles quotes in categories like types of snack foods and people can pick a bottle and then open it for a short surprise message.

Advertising october 1, 2012

Nike Reveals Building Made Entirely Of Thread And Plastic Bottles [Pics]

The structure reflects the design of the the sports brand's Flyknit footwear as lightweight, sustainable, and innovative.

Design & Architecture june 1, 2012

Glassblowing Techniques Turn Plastic Bottles Into Piggy Banks [Pics]

Low-tech blow molding is used to turn discarded bottles into newly functional items.


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