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Editors Pick september 2, 2013

PSFK’s Top Five Stories Of The Week

A permanent smile plastic surgery and photos that capture what fast food really looks like. We review the best in design, culture, art, fashion.

Work august 20, 2013

Mouth-Lifting Plastic Surgery Creates Permanent Smiles

A new plastic surgery trend in South Korea puts a constant smile on patient’s face.

Technology april 26, 2013

Free Phone Facelift Without The Surgery

The ability to touch up your photos reaches a new level with this nip tuck technology.

Advertising october 5, 2011

Casino Offers Plastic Surgery Jackpot

Trump Taj Mahal's Nip, Tuck and Lift Sweepstakes is now offering the change to 'improve yourself' not just your financial situation with their latest prizes.

Innovation august 31, 2011

Augmented Reality Gives You A Facelift In Real Time [video]

A new augmented program can give you an instant facelift using your webcam.


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