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Sustainability august 25, 2016

Milk Proteins Could Be The Packaging Material Of The Future

A newly discovered casein-based alternative is biodegradable, sustainable and even edible

Work january 29, 2015

Recycled Tequila Waste Provides Construction Alternative Better than Wood

The Plastinova project helps make construction and tequila distillation considerably more sustainable

Design & Architecture april 16, 2012

Dissolvable Wrapper Lets You Drink Your Instant Coffee & The Packaging

Revolutionary packaging disappears in water and is also edible.

Home april 3, 2012

Yves Béhar Redesigns Retro Soda Fountain [Pics]

A popular home appliance in the 80s gets revamped by the founder of fuse project to appeal to the modern, eco-conscious consumers.

Innovation march 7, 2012

Plastic-Eating Fungi Found In The Amazon May Solve World's Waste Problem

The micro-organism can survive on polyurethane alone, which could provide a solution to our mounting garbage accumulation.

Work august 19, 2011

What Is Your Plastic Footprint?

The Plastic Disclosure Project wants to measure how much companies use, recycle and throw away.

Cities june 9, 2010

Trashy Bags UpCycles Ghana's Plastic Garbage Into New Products

Solving Ghana's plastic waste issue offers economic growth alongside environmental improvements.

Design & Architecture may 13, 2010

Students Transform Plastic Waste Into Clean Fuel

A team out of Northeastern University is working on an emission-free power system.


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