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Work september 23, 2015

Eat Your Dinner and Then Eat Your Plate

Startup Do Eat is planning to bring edible “paper” plates to the mainstream

Home october 20, 2014

Mind Your Health, Weight Loss with Portion Control Plate

Tableware designed to match meals to nutrition and portion recommendations helps thoughtful eating require less thought and more enjoyment

Home september 19, 2013

Specially-Designed 3D-Printer Creates Edible Dinnerware [Pics]

Home made printer uses sugar to create silicon moulds for these unique pieces of bone china.

Cities june 24, 2013

3D-Printed Plates With Built-In Desserts [Pics]

Designed by Henry Richmond V. Young, 'Ad Tempus' is a series plating ideas that attempts to strike a conversation between food and design.

Design & Architecture april 15, 2013

Laser Cut Rolling Pins Help Make Edible Bread Bowls [Video]

Rollware is a simple and versatile idea to make dishware.

Technology march 19, 2013

Spinning RFID-Enabled Plates Showcase Student Artworks [Video]

Interactive exhibit uses radio frequencies to project various works.

Innovation december 8, 2009

Verterra: Plates Made Out Of Leaves

Inspired by the crude palm leaf based plates he observed being made in India, Michael Dwork started VerTerra Dinnerware, a line of compostable plates, bowls and serving dishes.


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