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Solar-Paneled Micro-Office Pods Let Workers Focus Anywhere

Free-standing mini workplaces offer an alternative to open-plan offices and co-working spaces.

Work november 5, 2012

Sleeping Pods Help Office Workers Take A Nap Break [Pics]

A new piece of office furniture will help staff to refresh their eyes and revitalize their minds.

Home august 16, 2012

Small Pod Can Grow Up To 10,000 Vegetables A Year

The Agri-Cube is a self-contained hydroponic unit that provides air conditioning, a heat-exchanging ventilation system, and special growth lights.

Sustainability june 28, 2012

Sustainable Campsite Lets Visitors Sleep In Luxe Geodesic Domes

Jeff Griffin of Loveland Farm has continued the development of his new wave 'hotel' by adding creative and comfortable sleep structures using green technologies.

Mobile june 12, 2012

Mobile Picnic Pod Can Be Easily Assembled On Different Terrain [Video]

This mobile kit house is a versatile camping structure that doesn't need foundations and can be put together in half a day.

Technology may 7, 2012

Kinect Pod Enables 3D Chats With Life-Sized Holograms [Video]

Cylinders equipped with sensors make it possible for virtual teleconferences.

Retail march 22, 2012

Bloomingdale’s Kinect Change Room Helps You Find The Perfect Pair Of Jeans

An innovative capsule scans your figure to find you perfectly fitting clothing outfits.

Design & Architecture march 7, 2012

Customizable Electric Pods Could Replace Cars & Buses [Pics]

Futuristic concept car designed to better coexist with bicycles.

Advertising june 14, 2011

Wi-Fly: The World’s First Semiautomatic Public Transport Pod

Designer Phil Pauley creates the first in a series of semiautomatic pods for public transportation.

Design & Architecture september 2, 2009

Backblaze Gives Storage Pod Design Away For Free

Backblaze, a Silicon Valley startup that provides unlimited online file storage for $5 a month (USD), is offering the cost-effective methodology they developed for their storage pods on their website for free on their company's blog


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