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Augmented & Virtual Reality september 21, 2016

This VR Game Will Let You Realize Your Dreams Of Becoming A Lumberjack

Practice limbing trees against a gorgeous backdrop in this virtual experience designed by Swedish chainsaw company Husqvarna

Cities june 28, 2016

Street Furniture Gets A New Lease On Life As Art in Poland

Temporary urban "hacks" are restoring life to quiet areas

Advertising december 3, 2013

Publisher Promotes Book Inside Pirated Video Subtitles

To promote a novel on the “Homeland” series, a book publisher teamed up with the group that provides Polish subtitles to the pirated copies of the show.

Culture november 17, 2013

How Publications Can Bring Content to Life Through Tactile Experience

A publication brings history to life by providing a unique lens on analog aesthetics.

Advertising october 1, 2013

Self-Washing Shirt Ensures That Students Never Have To Do Laundry [Video]

Tide tries to save mothers across the country from their children's dirty laundry.

Cities june 27, 2013

Reclaimed Cement Silos Adapted Into Deep Sea And Skydiving Center

Abandoned shipping containers to be converted into a sports center in the industrial district of Warsaw.

Watch a 99-year-old Polish war memorial transform into a giant starship engine
New School of Form Opens in Poland for Design Education, Directed by Li Edelkoort
Design april 5, 2013

Pharma Company HQ Design Based On Contact Lenses [Pics]

Bausch + Lomb's recently redesigned offices in Poland are inspired by research lab aesthetics and the company's main product.

Advertising october 15, 2012

5 Top Digital Campaigns By Retailers On The Creative Sandbox Archive

A bold initiative from Google curates best-in-class examples of digital campaigns.

Advertising october 4, 2012

15 Stories You Need To Know Today

Why Sweden does the Internet 'best', the iPad mini is in production, and Facebook fights back against accusations that their advertising isn't effective...Links to start your day with.

Culture april 3, 2012

Designer Compacts Sneakers Into Building Blocks [Pics]

Artist revamps the shape of shoes for a new perspective in this concept design.

Cities november 21, 2011

WMMNA: Death Of A Camera — Captured On Its Own Film [Pics]

'Culture As A Space Of Freedom And Anarchy,' featured photos made by cameras recording their own destruction by gun.

Cities october 31, 2011

Arts Thread: Privacy Helmets And Vanity Prosthetics In Poland

The Łódź Design Festival in Poland explores the intricacies between the human body, science, and design.


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