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[Insight] Unreliable facial recognition software might jail the innocent
[Insight] AI helps law enforcement identify untruths during interrogations
[Insight] Digital encryption is a battleground between tech, legislature and law enforcement
Work february 1, 2016

There’s No More Hiding from Police with 3D Mugshots

Japan's security force is building a 3D-enabled database of perps

Mobile october 15, 2014

Project Overlays Ambient Music with Police Radio, Aerial Imagery for Urban Voyeurism

The site offers a new way to experience cities by layering its images, sounds and voices

Work october 13, 2014

Could Dubai’s Police Be a Global Exporter of Google Glass Security Software?

The emirate's law enforcement is embracing lavish opportunities in high-end tech

Design & Architecture february 18, 2014

Solar-Powered Giant Robot Performs Daily Police Work

A giant robot brings traffic order to an African capital.

Innovation january 28, 2013

NYPD Radiation Scanners Also Detect Concealed Weapons

High-tech device sees through clothes to highlight guns.

Cities january 17, 2013

Pill Bottles With GPS Devices Will Track Drug Thieves

The NYPD cracks down on theft of painkillers by using "fake" bottles.

Advertising september 11, 2012

NYPD Pays Tribute To Fallen Members Of 9/11 With Memorial Tweets

Police officers memorialize victims of September 11 using social networks.

Syndicated july 3, 2012

Were Police Blindsided By Tweets During The England Riots?

Officers were overwhelmed by the volume of information posted online, leading to confusion over where to deploy resources.

Luxury february 2, 2012

Piers Fawkes: When The Bad Guys Use Our Data Against Us

What happens when the malicious organizations use social data? Get more good guys using social data against them.

Mobile january 13, 2012

iPad Technology Can Help Catch Speeding Drivers

This portable tablet device can assist police officers in catching more lawbreakers.

Syndicated november 1, 2011

Ruby Pseudo: Jody McIntyre’s Bars For Change

An online music video series from the UK asks tackles police brutality and extremist groups.


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