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Social Media august 15, 2016

Chat With President Obama Through A White House Bot

The Facebook Messenger AI will let you send direct messages and 'speak' with the Commander-In-Chief

Design & Architecture august 3, 2016

Top Designers Submit Creative Hillary Campaign Buttons

45 talented artists worked on their own unique pin for the presidential candidate

Technology july 22, 2016

The Democratic Party’s Guided App Will Help You Follow The Upcoming Convention

Political supporters can use this free and useful tool to stay informed

Syndicated july 20, 2016

How Technology Disrupted The Truth

Social media has swallowed the news—threatening the funding of public-interest reporting and ushering in an era when everyone has their own facts

Technology july 19, 2016

Google Wants To Help Voters In The Coming US Election

Google has launched a new search feature to provide crucial information on the voter registration process

Arts & Culture july 15, 2016

This Plan Hopes To Get Millennials To Vote

Make America Smart Again is a movement fighting voter apathy

[Inspiration] Marvel includes world leaders as superheroes in its newest comics
Social Media june 20, 2016

What Does A Social Network Just For The Super Rich Look Like?

A platform under Credit Suisse offers exclusive networking for high net worth individuals

Syndicated june 15, 2016

High Fashion Comments On Britain’s Upcoming EU Referendum Vote

Not even London's menswear shows were immune from opinion on the upcoming decision

[Inspiration] How mobile platforms can simplify the US voting system
USA june 9, 2016

Anonymously Discuss Politics With People In Your Local Area

'We The People' is an app that invites neighbors to voice their political views incognito

Mobile june 8, 2016

How Tinder Is Transforming Into A Political Platform In The UK

Tinder users swipe their way to staying informed on European Union referendum issues

Technology june 2, 2016

Browser-Based Voting System Aims To Digitize The Democratic Process

Clear Ballot's modular solution could improve accuracy, speed and transparency in elections

Arts & Culture may 27, 2016

Sign A Virtual Yearbook Dedicated To Youth Killed By Gun Violence

An online campaign creates conversation around how gun violence affects kids and teens


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