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Asia september 2, 2016

Singapore Is Devising Creative New Ways To Reduce Noise Pollution

The Housing & Development Board aims to soften the impact of sound to create a more pleasant living environment

Sustainability august 4, 2016

Can A Flower Help Lessen Pollution In Amsterdam?

Researchers are experimenting with the CO2-sucking effects of a special Honeysuckle plant

Syndicated july 28, 2016

This Human Sensor Makes Air Pollution Visible

The hi-tech illuminated costumes worn by media artist Kasia Molga reveal changes in urban air pollution and bring together art and science

Automotive june 8, 2016

A Futuristic Bus Could Help Chinese Cities Curb Air Pollution And Traffic

The forward-thinking design could become a reality and help ease congestion in China

Technology june 2, 2016

Can A Personal Air Quality Tracker Improve Your Everyday Breathing Experience?

Improving air quality in cities by focusing on the areas where we breathe the most

Gaming & Play february 15, 2016

Taking On China’s Air Pollution Catastrophe with Bottled Air

Pollution is an epidemic that needs to be met with packaged oxygen

Sustainability january 4, 2016

Thanks to Fungi, Future Furniture Could Be Pollution-Free

A new interiors series challenges the throw-away world we live in by using fully compostable materials—including one most people put on their pizza

Mobile december 15, 2015

Retracing China’s Iconic Buildings Lost to Smog

Chinese citizens are sketching major buildings onto social media photos since they're all but invisible because of poor air quality

Work december 11, 2015

Will Any City Ever Truly Be Car-Free?

Car-free days have slashed pollution in Paris while new eco-cities are aiming to design out the need for vehicles—but will cars in cities ever be consigned to history?

Advertising august 13, 2015

Inside the Global Movement to Ban Billboards

First it was São Paulo and now even New York have spawned movements to replace or ban outdoor advertising. Are we entering the age of ad-free cities?

Innovation july 9, 2014

Smart Umbrella Tracks Air Quality While Keeping You Dry

LED lights react in real-time to raise awareness about local air conditions

Innovation may 5, 2014

Air-Purifying Billboard Absorbs The Pollution Around It

Eco-friendly signage in Peru generates more clean air than 1,200 trees.

Syndicated may 2, 2014

Madrid Parking Meters Charge High Polluting Cars More

Electronic cars park free and hybrids get 20% discount in a new scheme to target emissions in the Spanish capital.

Luxury april 7, 2014

Chinese Citizens Given Bags Of Clean Air To Breathe

Marketing stunt sees bags of fresh mountain air shipped to the people in one of the 10 most polluted cities in China.


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