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[Insight] The Finish swimming pool that changed the world of skateboarding
Gaming & Play june 29, 2016

Ordinary Billiard Balls Transformed Into Emojis

An artist has created a hand-painted set of 'Poolmojis' that make the game even more entertaining

Work may 29, 2015

Editor’s Pick: Best Talks of PSFK 2015

Looking back at PSFK 2015 and into the Future of the Connected Life

Design & Architecture may 20, 2015

A Plus-Shaped Pool Looks to Clean Up New York’s East River [PSFK 2015]

Transforming New York’s East River; +Pool flips the model for civic projects

Sustainability may 13, 2015

Kickstarting Modern Urban Landscapes Across the Globe

Building cities of the future, backed by the entire Kickstarter community

Luxury april 1, 2015

Recapturing the Hudson River with a Public Filtering Pool [PSFK 2015]

PSFK Conference speaker discusses how +POOL will bring leisure back to one of New York City’s greatest resources

Work march 16, 2015

A Floating, Filtering Pool is Bringing Play Back to Hudson River [PSFK 2015]

Partner at Playlab and PSFK Conference speaker discusses how +POOL is bringing leisure back to one of New York City’s greatest underutilized resources

Innovation april 23, 2014

Hacked Google Drive Dashboard Educates NYers On The Quality Of Their Water

+POOL's app lets you watch a swimming pool clean New York's H2O supply in real-time.

Cities january 15, 2014

London’s River Thames May Become A Giant Urban Swimming Pool

London redevelopment plans include public swimming pools and improvements in water purity.

Technology june 27, 2013

Olympic Pool Transforms Twitter Emoticons Into Glowing Light Show [Pics]

Beijing’s Water Cube portrays real-time painting of China’s mood.

Technology june 13, 2013

Crowdfunded NYC Public Pool To Be Built One Tile At A Time [Pics]

+POOL is a water-filtering swimming pool which has launched a campaign to let the public buy a piece that will cover it’s surface.

NL Architects propose Pool Houses for a Canadian Entrepreneur
Work february 3, 2013

PSFK’s Top Five Stories Of The Week

Facebook lets users hook up anonymously, and LEGO creates pop-culture riddle posters. We review the best in design, culture, art, fashion.

Syndicated october 18, 2012

The Creator’s Project: Turning Times Square Into A Massive Art Gallery

A Kickstarter project wants to turn all the ad space in Times Square into a place for art works, one month out of every year.


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