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Work may 12, 2013

Trend: How Pop Up Culture Can Enrich Urban Life [My Ideal City]

Temporary structures highlight locally sourced content and bring variety into people’s everyday lives.

Retail may 8, 2013

Target Builds Life-Size Dollhouse Retail Space In Grand Central Station

With ad agency Deutsch, the retailer built a pop-up installation to show off its home decor line.

Design & Architecture january 24, 2013

Traveling Shipping Container Hotel Requires GPS To Locate Rooms

The Sleeping Around hotel refreshes the pop-up experience with its concept of an adventurous, moving caravan.

Arts & Culture december 12, 2012

Sculpture Books Make Stories Literally Jump Off The Page

Jodi Harvey-Brown brings books to life through unique sculptures built directly into the text.

Technology october 24, 2012

Standing Cinema Lets Passersby Duck In To See A Movie Anytime [Pics]

An unconventional way to watch a movie in public with others.

Arts & Culture september 14, 2012

Outdoor Pop-Up Pavilion Looks Like A Larger-Than-Life Beehive [Pics]

Student designers turn to Mother Nature to create a unique and functional structure.

Mobile july 18, 2012

Pop Up Cinema Appears In A Public Staircase

The public art project marries small-scale architecture with community building.

Work july 3, 2012

Pop-Up Card Table And Chairs Create An Instant Cafe

Nancy Tsang creates a life-sized restaurant on-the-go that unfolds quickly and easily.

Travel june 6, 2012

Miami ‘Gay’ Resort Opens Pop-Up ‘Hotel Within A Hotel’ For NYC Pride Week

Lords South Beach turns the Hotel On Rivington into a LGBT-friendly accommodation.

Retail june 4, 2012

Noma To Open London Pop-Up For Olympics [Headlines]

The world famous restaurant will open an outpost for ten days during the 2012 Summer games in the UK.

Luxury may 4, 2012

Giant Perfume Bottles Fill A New York Pop-Up Shop

Fragrance brand wanted to create a memorable experience for its shoppers with its new concept store.

Retail march 24, 2012

Are We Ready For New Retail Models? [PSFK NYC 2012]

Rachel Shechtman explains what inspired her to create the experimental STORY shop that creates community and a more fluid retail experience.

Luxury november 23, 2011

Lady Gaga Performs At Barney’s Holiday Display [Headlines]

In addition to its Madison Avenue flagship store, the retailer has opened a pop-up store called Gaga's workshop.

Advertising november 14, 2011

Sephora’s Sensorium Builds A New Culture Of Fragrance Appreciation

The make up retailer collaborates with age old scent company, Firmenich, to create a participatory exhibit about the history of perfume.


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