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Entertainment december 1, 2016

Bike Battery Doubles As A Portable Boombox

Noordung has created a motorized bike with a pair of speakers attached to the front

Work november 17, 2016

Foldable Scooter Wants To Make Commuting Easier

Immotor Go is a foldable transportation device that can pair with your phone for easier control

Food november 11, 2016

Portable Lunchbox Oven Creates The Perfect Office Meal

The HeatsBox is a mini-cooking device that lets people heat up their lunch evenly within 15 minutes

Mobile august 24, 2016

Use Running Water To Charge Your Phone

This personal hydroelectric generator powers your devices by harnessing the force of a river

Cities july 18, 2016

These Tiny Rooftop Cabins Could Be A Solution To Expensive Urban Living

A Berlin-based company is building modular, solar-powered cabins on top of city rooftops to appeal to the urban nomad

Home june 14, 2016

Pop-Up Religious Buildings Could Sustain Culture In Refugee Camps

Architect students design portable churches, synagogues and mosques for displaced communities

Health june 14, 2016

A Transformable Playground Invents New Games For Tiny Spaces

Seoul designers use lack of space as inspiration to launch a portable playing field

Consumer Goods june 10, 2016

This Little Box Will Cool You Down For Less Than One Cent Per Day

An eco-friendly box uses a frozen core and rechargeable batteries to fan you down

Technology june 2, 2016

Can A Personal Air Quality Tracker Improve Your Everyday Breathing Experience?

Improving air quality in cities by focusing on the areas where we breathe the most

Travel june 1, 2016

On-The-Go Microwave Is Small Enough To Fit In Your Backpack

This portable food heater can provide adventurers with an easy way to produce a hot meal

Technology may 19, 2016

These Lenses Turn Your Phone Into A Portable Microscope

BLIPS makes it easier to take a much closer look at everyday objects

Technology december 23, 2015

A Nano Drone You Don't Need to Register With the FAA

Make it easy to capture selfies or videos with a palm-sized drone

Home december 23, 2015

Portable Makeup Printer Promises the Perfect Foundation Shade

Spend less time at the makeup store; through a sensor, this device recreates your skin tone through a blend of foundation hues

Luxury january 5, 2015

USB Bottle-Top Device is Portable Humidifier

Brookstone's humidifier needs no reservoir by screwing on to any standard-sized water bottle


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