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Work october 28, 2014

Portable Standing Desk Touts a 30-Second Set Up

ZestDesk is a portable standing desk that can be transported like a briefcase

Technology october 16, 2014

Tiny Anonabox Draws Support, Criticism, $600,000

The mini-router, which may provide easier access to online anonymity, has caused a gigantic splash

IoT october 16, 2014

Pocket-Sized Box Offers You Portable WiFi Across All Devices

Karma grabs a 4G network to share with strangers and earn rewards

Sustainability october 13, 2014

Foldable Scooter Perfect for Urbanites

The Pigeon kick scooter is a colorful, portable leg-powered vehicle that will turn your walk into a rolling stride

Home october 13, 2014

Miniature Emergency Flashlight Runs for Three Days on Water

Blackout Buddy H2O is small enough for your backpack, purse or briefcase

Arts & Culture october 10, 2014

Pocket-Sized, Affordable Camera Drone Looks Cool, Too

Upcoming model is the size of a mobile device and priced to own

Retail october 7, 2014

Foldable, Reusable Wine Bottle for On-the-Go Vino

Lighter alternative to glass bottles for all your outdoor drinking needs

Advertising september 26, 2014

Bike Camper Concept Is a Trailer-Shelter Hybrid

A San Francisco designer proposes a low-weight, low-impact, protective sleeper shell for adventurous cyclists

Work september 25, 2014

Portable Workspace Can Easily Be Moved Anywhere

The usual office space often means four walls and a fixed location, but a designer from the Netherlands makes it possible to set up shop anywhere as long as there's room

Technology august 19, 2014

Omni3D’s AirEnergy 3D: Compact Enough to Fit into a Backpack

Portable, 3D-printed wind turbine produces up to 300W of power

Luxury july 31, 2014

Truck-A-Tecture: Habitats for Modern Nomads

KANEKO's summer exhibit highlights spaces and technologies for a portable lifestyle

Gaming & Play april 2, 2014

Make 8-Bit Games On The Fly With This Arduino Controller [Video]

The Gamebuino brings creative programming to the palm of your hand.

Design & Architecture february 25, 2014

Vodafone Creates A Mobile Network In A Backpack For Natural Disaster Victims

A portable network system keeps long-distance communication within human reach during a hurricane, tornado, flood, etc.

Innovation august 27, 2013

All-In-One 3D Printer & Saw Turns Any Surface Into A Mini Factory [Video]

Machine shop in a box could be the next step in the DIY revolution.


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