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Design october 28, 2014

Portable Standing Desk Touts a 30-Second Set Up

ZestDesk is a portable standing desk that can be transported like a briefcase

Mobile october 16, 2014

Tiny Anonabox Draws Support, Criticism, $600,000

The mini-router, which may provide easier access to online anonymity, has caused a gigantic splash

IoT october 16, 2014

Pocket-Sized Box Offers You Portable WiFi Across All Devices

Karma grabs a 4G network to share with strangers and earn rewards

Cities october 13, 2014

Foldable Scooter Perfect for Urbanites

The Pigeon kick scooter is a colorful, portable leg-powered vehicle that will turn your walk into a rolling stride

Home october 13, 2014

Miniature Emergency Flashlight Runs for Three Days on Water

Blackout Buddy H2O is small enough for your backpack, purse or briefcase

Cities october 10, 2014

Pocket-Sized, Affordable Camera Drone Looks Cool, Too

Upcoming model is the size of a mobile device and priced to own

Mobile october 7, 2014

Foldable, Reusable Wine Bottle for On-the-Go Vino

Lighter alternative to glass bottles for all your outdoor drinking needs

Advertising september 26, 2014

Bike Camper Concept Is a Trailer-Shelter Hybrid

A San Francisco designer proposes a low-weight, low-impact, protective sleeper shell for adventurous cyclists

Design september 25, 2014

Portable Workspace Can Easily Be Moved Anywhere

The usual office space often means four walls and a fixed location, but a designer from the Netherlands makes it possible to set up shop anywhere as long as there's room

Home august 19, 2014

Omni3D’s AirEnergy 3D: Compact Enough to Fit into a Backpack

Portable, 3D-printed wind turbine produces up to 300W of power

Culture july 31, 2014

Truck-A-Tecture: Habitats for Modern Nomads

KANEKO's summer exhibit highlights spaces and technologies for a portable lifestyle

Culture april 2, 2014

Make 8-Bit Games On The Fly With This Arduino Controller [Video]

The Gamebuino brings creative programming to the palm of your hand.

Design february 25, 2014

Vodafone Creates A Mobile Network In A Backpack For Natural Disaster Victims

A portable network system keeps long-distance communication within human reach during a hurricane, tornado, flood, etc.

Design august 27, 2013

All-In-One 3D Printer & Saw Turns Any Surface Into A Mini Factory [Video]

Machine shop in a box could be the next step in the DIY revolution.


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