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Work december 14, 2015

Airbnb Enlists an Artist and His Sewing Machine at Design Miami

Artist Michael-Birch Pierce demonstrates his free-motion technique during live portrait drawings

IoT october 5, 2015

See Beyoncé, Miley and More as iPad-Painted Portraits

Artist Jeremy Martin creates colorful celebrity pop art portraits directly on his tablet

Travel september 14, 2015

A Social Portrait Machine Travels the World to Paint Your Face

Face-o-mat is a device designed to put a smile on your face, capturing your outwards essence in an abstract fashion

Sustainability june 18, 2014

Artist Creates World Cup Player Portraits By Kicking Around A Paint-Covered Soccer Ball

Red Hong Yi creates one of a kind soccer artwork using the game's own equipment.

Gaming & Play january 15, 2014

Giant Pinboard Facade Lets Fans Become The Face Of The Olympics [Pics]

Architect Asif Khan’s 'MegaFaces' structure will display the faces of visitors to the Sochi Winter Olympics as large 3D portraits.

Technology december 3, 2013

GIF Portraits Turn Still Shots Into Puzzling Images [Pics]

A new project presents street photography as you’ve never seen it before.

Innovation august 15, 2013

Skin Tone Catalog Based On The Pantone Color System [Pics]

Created by photographer Angelica Dass, 'Humanae' is a chromatic inventory featuring a series of portraits.

Work july 23, 2013

Detailed Needlework Turns Banana Bunches Into Canvases

Artist Kazuki Guzman pricks the fruit to create bruised patterns.

Arts & Culture july 17, 2013

Celebrity Portraits Crafted From Various Foods [Pics]

French artist Vivi Mac uses different types of edible items to create detailed artworks using a plastic straw and her hands.

Technology march 1, 2013

Photographer Thanks Kickstarter Backers By Posing As Them In Portraits [Pics]

Cheyne Gallarde thanked those who pledged a certain amount for his Universe of One book by featuring them in the project 'Twinsies'.

Arts & Culture january 10, 2013

Scotch-Tape Portraits Contort Human Faces [Pics]

Photographer Wes Naman takes interesting pictures of people obscured and stretched at odd angles.

Design & Architecture january 8, 2013

Kit Turns 2D Portraits Into 3D Paper Heads

Paper-Kit is an online app that uses photographs taken from different angles to create a 3D model, which can be printed and assembled.

Arts & Culture december 17, 2012

Multiple Photos Of One Subject Compiled Into Uncanny Portraits

Gregoire Cheneau splices together shots from different angles.

Retail december 10, 2012

Portraits Of Chinese Factory Workers And The Toys They Make [Pics]

In stark contrast to the bright toys they produce, photos by Michael Wolf give a face to those who make them.


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