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Design & Architecture august 9, 2016

Floating House Can Be Split In Two If A Marriage Goes South

The 'Prenup House' is a conceptual structure that can easily detach if a couple decides to split

Advertising may 2, 2014

Walking Dead Pop-Up Shop Makes Customers Pay With Their Own Blood

Fans of the hit show can only buy merchandise by donating the precious resource.

They Used The Injected Sole Technology To Make The Whole Shoe And Created Lemon Jelly
Cork Hotel Takes The Most Out Of Abundant Raw Material
Mobiag Platform Democratises Car Sharing Through 'Coopetition'
Work october 4, 2013

Shopping Cart Merry-Go-Round Comments On Never-Ending Consumerism

A witty architectural installation aims to help reflect on the existential dynamics of shopping.

Arts & Culture february 8, 2013

Artist Draws Caricatures Of Passersby From Inside A Digital Billboard [Video]

An outdoor ad showcases the capabilities of a Samsung Galaxy Note through real-time, two-way interaction.

Technology january 6, 2013

How Smart Cities Are Leveraging The Real-Time Availability Of Data

PSFK's consulting team looks at how pervasive networks of cameras and embedded sensors can monitor the safety and well-being of both the city and its residents.

Sustainability september 20, 2012

Rotating House Follows The Sun While Generating Power

A project by the University of Oporto has brought forth a moving home that creates energy from the sun, and expands to fit a growing family.

Design & Architecture august 9, 2012

Artists Turn Portugal’s Fountains Into Parks [Pics]

Hacking fountains to re-envision the notion of play in public spaces.

Home august 2, 2012

Modern Home Features Lounging Hammock Suspended Over The Stairs [Pics]

Architects utilize apartment space with an hovering netted area.

Luxury march 9, 2012

Coca-Cola’s Executive Stadium Box Transformed Into VIP Fan Dorm [Video]

The brand has turned over its luxury corporate suite to soccer team fans, creating a space where they can spend the night.

Arts & Culture february 22, 2012

Augmented Reality Photo Exhibit Adds Musical Score To The Visuals

'Project Paperclip' uses QR codes and reactive soundscapes to enrich the viewer experience.

Work december 8, 2011

Coca-Cola Encourages Honesty In New Campaign

The world-famous beverage company rewards honest behavior with tickets to soccer matches, ice cold Cokes and a moment of fame on the soccer stadium big screen, all while spreading the message that there are reasons to believe in a better world.


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