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Posters Painted With Melted Kit Kat Bars

Agency Works With The Homeless To Create Ad Copy [Pics]

Tech Brand Sends Bored People At Bus Stops Real-World Surprises [Video]

London Underground Anniversary Celebrated With 150 Vintage Posters [Pics]

Headphones Connect To Posters For A Virtual Concert [Video]

Oscars Tribute Poster Depicts The Best Picture Winner Of Each Year [Pics]

Mythical Creatures Star In Travel Posters For Their Various Homelands

Artist Creates Community Advice Posters From Your 80-Year-Old Self

Museum Creates Interactive Installation Ads To Show How Fun Science Can Be [Pics]

Typeface Made Out Of Real Money Celebrates The Lottery

A 20×20 Lullaby & Surreal Drawn Life [PechaKucha]

Soaring Ukrainian Architecture & Hand-Detailed Posters [Pecha Kucha]

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