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Work december 2, 2014

Connected Whiteboards Link With Smartphones

Smartkapp is a whiteboard that saves its content and shares it on demand

Travel may 22, 2013

Mini Travel Iron Smoothes Creases On The Go

Travel accessory that could save you some embarrassment during a date or interview.

Retail october 14, 2012

How To Create A Great Brand By Asking ‘Stupid’ Questions – Dan Germain, Innocent [Video]

At PSFK's London conference, head creative at Innocent Drinks explains how story-telling and trial & error created a brand that customers can love.

Technology april 20, 2012

Wireless Pen Turns Any Surface Into An Interactive Whiteboard

An innovative technology that lets you write and draw on any wall.

Cities november 22, 2011

Future TED 2012 Presenter On The Key Trends Shaping Our Collective Future [Video]

Dr. Nat Irvin II of the University of Louisville's College of Business takes the Festival Of The New Black Imagination's audience through some of the key trends that are already shaping their collective future.

Work november 16, 2011

Nokia To Launch Lumia Smartphones With Multimedia Lightshow

The telecommunications company embarks on an ambitious promotional event on one of London's iconic skyscrapers featuring music by DJ deadmau5.

Technology june 24, 2011

Pilot Your Presentations With Idea Flight [Video]

Share and control your presentation simultaneously on up to 16 iPads.

Technology june 22, 2011

Ryoji Ikeda’s ‘The Transfinite’ Show

The acclaimed Japanese artist test the limits of our perception with his lates installation.

Work august 31, 2010

George Parker: Chart Mania… My Deck Is Bigger Than Yours!

George Parker is the perpetrator of Every week he shares his opinions on the advertising world with PSFK

Innovation june 7, 2010

Internet Week x PSFK Future of Retail

Details about PSFK's Internet Week event this Thursday


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