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Innovation december 21, 2012

Study Shows Physical Pressure Can Help Fight Cancer

Research at the University of California, Berkeley shows that applying pressure to potentially cancerous cells can help reverse their growth.

Technology june 6, 2012

Triple Pundit: Why Brands Should Engage Kids

Technological savvy has given socially and environmentally conscious youth a direct line of communication with companies.

Design & Architecture january 3, 2012

Anti-Theft Car Seat Recognizes Drivers By Their Own ‘Seats’

Smart technology measures the pressure applied when users sit down using a set of 360 sensors.

Arts & Culture august 20, 2011

‘Handy’ Espresso Maker Uses Palm Pressure To Make Lattés

Ever found yourself yearning for a shot of espresso in the wilderness or during a blackout? This hand-powered espresso maker would be great for you.

Technology june 24, 2011

Need A Hug? Sense-Roid Jacket Lets You Give Yourself One

A Japanese team of electrocommunications specialists creates a jacket that simulates the pressure and sensations of human contact.


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